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Dura-ace Pedals  tshirt graphic design

Dura-ace Pedals T-shirt Design



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About this design

About 300 gms. Great bearings, very comfortable, durable cleats, almost unbreakable connection to your bike. Probably best on a track. If you do commute on them you will be trading the cost of very durable cleats against the likelihood of hyper tension as you approach junctions... These pedals connect you to your bike more firmly than any others I have experience of. The first time I used these pedals I took more than a minute off my commute. You will not come out of these pedals unexpectedly. In fact you might not come out of these pedals at all. You might have to remove your shoes in order to escape your bike. This particular characteristic tended to become more pronounced as the cleats became worn. After about 3 years of commuting my cleats became very worn indeed. (But compare that cleat life to say Campag or Look or Speedplay) On at least six occasions I hit the roadway at traffic junctions, feet still attached to said pedals, having forgotten to start preparing to get my feet out of the pedals while still rolling. By the time it became practically impossible to get my feet out, Shimano, now criticised generally for the difficulty of separating pedal from rider, kindly recalled the original cleats and gave me a new pair. The new cleats did the trick for a year or three. I finally changed this pedal system toward the end of a ride from Koln to Genoa. At a set of lights between Genoa and Camogli I finally tore the cleat out of the carbon fibre sole of my right shoe.