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Oceanus  tshirt graphic design

Oceanus T-shirt Design



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About this design

This t-shirt design admires the Ancient Greek god known as Oceanus.
Oceanus was the god representing the 'World-Ocean' (or the god of saltwater) he was said to be the son of Uranus (god of the sky) & Gaia (god of the earth).
Together with Tethys, his sister (god of fresh water) - Oceanus had 3,000 daughters and 3,000 sons. These children were symbols of each spring, river, ocean, lake, pond etc...

Oceanus was one of the 12 'Titans', the original race of  'Elder gods' who were eventually succeeded by the '12 Olympians'.

This design uses an image from 'The Great Dish' - part of a hoard of roman Silverware found in 1942 in Mildenhall, Suffolk. Found by a local farmer, the hoard's origins and value wern't realised at first and the farmer (Gordon Butcher) even used some of the dishes and bowls at his dinner table!
In 1946, 4 years after his discovery, the true value and rarity of the Silver was realised and the British Museum acquired the collection from Mr Butcher.

The Great Dish is the largest piece in the collection, measuring 60.5cm in diameter and weighing 8.25kg, it is one of the finest examples of Roman silversmithing and dates from about the 4th Century AD.