When was the last time you were excited by a t shirt? I bought one in 1989 decorated with a hand painted abstraction of the Bayeux Tapestry. When I saw it I thought of the people between me and it, get out of the way, that shirt has my name on it. I was thrilled to find something that resonated with me. I spent 20 years or so looking to be similarly excited by a t shirt and came up short. WeAdmire and expression through the admiration of the things we admire is my answer to the ongoing general problem of 2nd rate decorated t shirts.

Expression through admiration is an inexhaustible pleasure, but like human nature it is diverse and eclectic. To manage a huge design library across six sizes in five colours for men and women and five sizes in two colours for children we needed to be able to decorate our shirts as they are ordered.

Admiration can be simple and monotone but it can also be complex, precise and colourful. We needed a process that enabled us to deliver your choice of type, size, colour and design within minutes of a shirt being ordered. And because our shirts would become favourite items of apparel for their owners the shirts had to be enduringly comfortable.

Our process dyes the artwork into the fabric of our shirts at 720dpi and 1440dpi in full CMYK colour. Because the artwork is in the fabric rather than on the fabric it does not affect the physical performance, hand feel or drape of the shirts – simply expressed the decorated areas of the shirts breathe in the same way the undecorated areas of the shirts breathe.

And how they breathe: We trailed round trade shows and academic institutions for about five years in our search for the right fabric. We finally found it at Invista in Switzerland. CoolMax freshFX fibres can be manufactured to any dimension. We chose to imitate the long fine threads of the best naturally grown Sea Island cottons.* The resultant shirts are one of, if not the, most comfortable things you will have across your shoulders.

CoolMax, a patented fibre, works through having micro channels dimensioned to exploit the characteristics of capillary action and surface tension in water to lift moisture from your skin and accelerate its evaporation – you stay cooler and drier and more comfortable. And because these channels are a physical feature they do not diminish with wear and washing. freshFX is a patented process that embeds silver in the molecular structure of the fibre. Because it is within the fibre not on the fibre like the physical features of CoolMax if does not leech out with wear and washing.

*(Never have anything to do with organic cotton by the way – the bedfellows of organic cotton are mosquitos, millions of them. The lives of the people who cultivate organic cotton are blighted. They will on average be bitten about 10,000 times a year and on average about 2000 of those bites will be malarial.)