2001 A Space Odyssey (hello Dave) t shirt

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Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is (like Star Wars) hailed as one of the great contenders in the sci-fi genre – with so many references in pop culture and a countless number of parodies. (I think it is fantastic that Kubrick appreciated science enough to know there is no sound in the vacuum of space) This movie is many things. It’s mentally stimulating, awe inspiring, majestic, thrilling, perplexing and frustrating in equal measures, but there is one thing for sure the film is a masterpiece! This is bench mark sci-fi, that all sci-fi movies have been judged against ever since, and has inspired many other films including The original Star Trek movie (1979) The Abyss, Star Wars, Close Encounters. the list could go on. The plot of the film is baffling, and is paper thin, but that’s not the point of the movie. I think the point is that you take away from the film what you want. For me it was the grace and majesty of the experience, from the ground breaking effects to the amazing use of music.  Celebrate the work of Stanley Kubrick generally and 2001 specifically, wear out Hello Dave t shirt.

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