A Family at the Fishing Village t shirt by Do Thanh Hai



The artist Do Thanh Hai lives and works in Hanoi. He is a graduate of the Hanoi Institute of Industrial Arts. He signs his paintings both with his daughter’s name, Lam, which means “the forest”, and with his own name, Hai, which means “the sea”.
Do Thanh Hai was a four year old boy in 1954 when Vietnamese troops led by Ho Chi Minh and Vo Hguyen Giap surrounded and defeated French forces in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, bringing the war of independence against the French and the colony, French Indochina, to an end. The French colony had been formed in 1887 and had encompassed the area now comprising Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.In his 60 years Do Thanh Hai has witnessed the following events which form the background to his life and art: From 1950 to 1954, the final years of the war of independence against the French. In 1954, the establishment of the Soviet and Chinese backed Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) – North Vietnam – under Ho Chi Minh. In 1955-56 the communist land reform program in the DRV during which peasants and townspeople were categorised by class background and land was expropriated and redistributed, to be collectivised later on the Soviet model. In 1956 the repudiation of the terms of the Geneva Agreement providing for elections to unify northern and southern Vietnam by the American backed regime in southern Vietnam headed by Ngo Dinh Diem, and the establishment of the separate state of South Vietnam under Diem. The 15 year war to unify North and South Vietnam which began in earnest in 1960 when the DRV’s Vietnam Workers’ Party committed itself to the unification of North and South Vietnam and began construction of the Ho Chi Minh Trail for the infiltration of units of the Northern Peoples’ Army from the north to the south. The failure of successive corrupt American backed regimes in South Vietnam, beginning with the assassination of Diem in 1963. The escalation of American intervention in the war including extensive bombing in the north and the south and the introduction of American troops, which increased to over half a million from 1965 to 1968. The withdrawal of the United States from the war in 1973 and the military conquest of South Vietnam by the DRV in 1975 leading to unification and the establishment of the present day Vietnam, governed by the Communist Party of Vietnam. The establishment of communist regimes in Laos and Cambodia and the invasion of Cambodia by Vietnam in 1978, bringing the widespread genocide of the communist Pol Pot regime to an end. The invasion of Vietnam by China in 1979. The dismantling of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the introduction of market reforms in Vietnam, with a growing mid-level private sector, to the present day.
“Now, I am gonna very glad to tell you some interesting things about one of our joyful traditional festival which is shown pictures 178 and 196. I am sure you may hear about FullMoon festival for children which is on the 15th of the eighth month by lunar calendar taken part in some Asian countries like Vietnam, China , Singapore….On this occasion , before coming in a news school year , the children enjoy the last rest of summer vacation days in an exciting and cheerful Mid-autumn festival . The children are bought traditional toys like colourful, Star-shaped lanterns like you saw in the pictures, new clothes .,..by their parents. And in the evening of that day, when the Moon raises highly and roundedly in the clear sky , you will see groups of children gather with each other, holding those stars-shaped lanterns in hands , singing happy songs and deal out mid-autumn festival cakes and fruits . Yes, that’s the very happy party of the small boys and girls . Each time when I see this, I wish I could come back to the childhood time to join them , my son, daughter, nieces and nephew . This year the Full-moon day is on 22nd September , if you have  free time please watch our celebration shows on TV on Vietnamese channels . You will be clearer about it.So I hope , you now have a better understanding about what you’ve found in our pictures, it’s love and memories about delighting childhood time on the Full-moon night.

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