Camera Montage t shirt by Yukio Miyamoto

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Classic Camera Montage, all modelled or rendered as vectored images by Yukio Miyamoto

From the top left: Nikon F3, 1980, Nikon’s answer to the Cannon A1. Nikon’s first semi automatic and the highest selling professional SLR.  The Cannon A1, 1979.  The first SLR to offer electronic auto exposure. The Hasselblad 500c 1957. Every model on the planet has enjoyed exposure through one of these. Nikon F, 1959. The world’s toughest and best SLR. Google Don McCullin Nikon. You will see the one he was holding to his face that took a sniper’s round in Cambodia. The camera is damaged, Don McCullin is still with us. The Lunar Hasselblad 500EL used by the Apollo astronauts in training. The ones carried on The Apollo 11 mission in 1969 were left behind on the moon. Minox, 1936 and 1948. All significant spies used one. Rollie 35, 1966. The world’s smallest 35mm. Leica III, (an f in this case) 1939 -1960. Mr Barnak’s sadly premature swan song. iT cemented Leica’s reputation for the last word in quality and refined performance. Rolleiflex TLR, 1937. In music market vernacular it went platinum around 1956. The Leica M3, 1954 -1966. Marvellous lenses interchangeable with a bayonet fitting. The biggest selling Leica rangefinder and one of the World’s best. The Nikon S, 1948. Perhaps the start of Japanese domination of camera manufacture. Commentators have it the lenses are among the best available for such cameras this surprised the established brands and their audience when the camera was launched.

All of these images are the work of Yukio Miyamoto. We reproduce them at 720dpi in full CMYK colour. Our 100% CoolMax Fresh FX shirts take the dying process extraordinarily well. You are likely to be surprised when get up close and personal with this shirt.

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