Colour Cogs (red) t shirt by Daniel Davidson

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The Artwork:

Colour Cogs; a series of illustrations that begin to explore how colour affects mood, atmosphere, psychological state and even the impressions left on the human soul. This last bit may sound a bit ridiculous, however I have Wassily Kandinsky to back me up.  Kandinsky stated in one of his many inspiring and enlightening chapters of his seminal work, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, that although the effect of the colours is forgotten when the eye is turned away, the superficial impression of varied colour may be the starting point of a whole chain of related sensations.
The idea that one colour compared to another colour will trigger a different sensation/reaction in a person is interesting, but I love the thought of the infinite possibilities of varying shades and combinations of colour and the subtle affects this could have upon the human soul.  Again, it’s time to role out a quote from a mind that created ground breaking and truly unique works of art, whilst doing a bit of teaching at the Bauhaus:
“It is evident therefore that colour harmony must rest only on a corresponding vibration in the human soul; and this is one of the guiding principles of the inner need.”
The arrow direction in Colour Cogs is significant. A larger area of colour may have a more profound affect on the eye/soul, therefore more arrows spreading outwards illustrates this, however certain colours will have a deeper impact, and how colours react to each other will also be represented through arrow direction and number of arrows drawn.
The viewer’s psychological state before viewing the colour combination is also of significance, making each viewing experience unique, two people can never have the same experience.

Colour Cogs 4 (minimal movement), begins the process of exploring response to no colour, only blackness. The arrows move inwards, creating a crushing experience again relating to mood, atmosphere, psychological state and impression on the soul. A black hole within us.

Colour Cogs is an ongoing experiment that responds with every exposure to colour and each experience that accompanies it.

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