Common Carp t shirt by Anne Anderson

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Anne Anderson A.S.U Anne was born in Edinburgh in 1950. There she completed her education. She sold her first commissioned work at the tender age of thirteen. In her adult life she travelled and painted extensively in the UK and United States. She spent the remainder of her years in the coastal village of Ballywalter, in Northern Ireland. Despite severe lifelong illness, she maintained painting and continued to ‘grow’ as an artist. She was the ONLY artist ever allowed access to Stormont and its Great Hall, to paint, since Stormont was build, when the original architect did some pencil sketches. She completed around 14 major works of the Great Hall. She was to host a solo exhibition there when she had completed 22 works to hang on the 22 panels of the Great Hall; unfortunately she passed away in 2007, before the exhibition could take place. A woman of great intellect, Anne always regretted allowing her mother to prevent her from taking up a place at the Edinburgh College of Art, where she was awarded a Sponsorship position, before she’d even completed her secondary education. As a result she became very competitive, especially with those who had a more privileged Artistic and Educational background. When she saw a fellow artist’s interpretation of some freshwater fish, at a local exhibition, she thought that she might have a go herself, the results of her efforts speak for themselves…

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