Hasselblad (all Over) t shirt by Yukio Miyamoto

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We commissioned this drawing of a Hasselblad by Yukio Miyamoto for our t shirts because I was brought up to understand it was the world’s finest camera. Utterly reliable, eye wateringly expensive, in The Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most… well pretty much everything to do with cameras that you would want to be on top of the heap for. The one you took to the moon if you were going. The one that took Christine Keeler sitting in an Arne Jacobsen chair. The one that delivered images that could defy attempts to find the limits of resolution through enlargement. A camera the workings of whose shutter mechanism were polished with something so unlikely that it might be labelled unobtainium. In sum a camera made with passion and expertise and without compromise.

I believe Yukio has matched Victor Hasselblad’s standards in this vectored illustration. To see this illustration and indeed all Yukio’s illustrations on one of our t shirts is to be confused. There are details that say this cannot be a photograph, the perspective for one, the resolution of the smallest details another but by the same token how can such detail be other than a photographic image, how could such things be simulated? It took us about a month to find an alloy bodied and lensed camera to work with and then it took Yukio about two months to completely vector the image. The image on the shirt is mathematically defined and infinitely scaleable.

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