Kandinsky – Spiritual revolution 1 tee shirt by Daniel Davidson

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The artwork:

The first of four blippar interactive shirts by Danial Davidson admiring and interpreting Wassily Kandinsky:  4 December 1866 – 13 December 1944.  As well as being an accomplished artist he was also an art theorist. Kandinsky was the first to consider and attempt to articulate our emotional reactions to colour.  He is credited with producing the first purely abstract piece of art.  Abstract art is now so commonplace and familiar it is taken for granted.  To get a better view of just how ground breaking he was and the impact his descriptions might have had when he first put his thoughts to paper it is helpful to look at Cai Guo-Qiang day light firework displays with the sounds muted.

The breakthrough moment for me came in considering our colour association with musical notes – Kandinsky pointed out a vibrant yellow or red would naturally be associated in our minds with treble notes, a dark blue with bass ones.  Never vice versa. He went further and ascribed certain instruments to the colours – wind instruments with high yellows; string instruments with high reds. If this idea is newly expressed to you as it was to me let Daniel Davidson and Kandinsky take the scales from your eyes.


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Blue, Dapple Grey, Peach, Sage, White


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