Leica M3 All Over t shirt by Yukio Miyamoto

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This t-shirt design is in admiration of the Leica M3 with a 50mm Summicron dual range lens by Yukio Miyamoto.
Yukio’s work in illustrating these objects matches the quality of the work that went into producing them. If you had looked after an M3 bought in the 50’s/60’s it would probably be working as well now as the day you bought it. They were made pretty much without compromise. The prices were such that in the 50’s and 60’s you needed British government permission to import these cameras, you had to show that you needed the quality of image they delivered in making your living.  At the time the cameras were about the price of a small house in the UK and the government was worried about the balance of payments.
The 50mm Summicron lens probably still has the widest focal range, something like 70cm to infinity, of any 35mm lens. The eyes that enabled the view finder to focus to the same range as the lens came with the lens. They are slipped into grooves machined into the top of the lens. They are shown attached in the main illustration and reproduced as a detail in a small size on the back of the t shirt on the right shoulder. The Leica M3 introduced a bayonet fit to lens and camera body, something that became an industry standard after being pioneered by Zeiss through their range of Contax cameras and lenses.
Express your appreciation for precision and the beauty of functionalism wear our Yukio Miyamoto Leica M3 t shirts.

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