1951 Alfetta T shirt by Peter Hutton

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1951 Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 Alfetta t shirt, illustrated by Peter Hutton. 1.5 litre supercharged straight eight, 400 plus bhp and as likely as not plenty of torque, all transmitted, or not, through narrow cross ply tyres. The 158 and 159 series of which this is the last and most powerful won 47 of the 54 Grand Prix it entered and was unbeaten in 1950. The car first raced in 1938. Its finest moments came with Juan-Manuel Fangio at the wheel.
Peter Hutton has been one of the UK’s leading illustrators since the late 1950’s. His reputation as an illustrator among the community of owners of historic vehicles is such that they are happy to partially disassemble their cars and bikes to allow him to deliver his take on the key components. In his own words. Although I take some photos I do sit and draw the car, to draw is to understand how components fit together, you see things you cannot see in a photograph, drawing requires total concentration and an image is ingrained in the memory for when pen is put to paper for the final drawing. I would say it shows. There are eight of Peter’s illustrations available on t shirts and I hope in time there will be more.

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