1986 Lotus t shirt by Peter Hutton

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Peter Hutton was the UK’s leading commercial artist from the late 60’s to the early noughties. If you saw an advertisement that included a drawing of a building or vehicle in that time the balance of probability is that you were looking at Peter Hutton’s work.We digitise Peter’s originals at about 2000dpi and separate the image from the media it is drawn on. A characteristic of Peter’s work is that the illustrations fade to line. This integrates his work with the shirts, a process helped by the way we dye the artwork into the fabric of the shirt at 720 dpi in full CMYK colour rather than printing it onto the fabric of the shirt.
The Lotus 49 was brimming with game changing innovations: use of the engine as a stressed member of the chassis all racing cars are built this way today the early use of wings to deliver downforce these days it is hard to see the car for the wings – the ground braking Ford DFV8 engineered by Keith Duckworth and finally a livery that provided astonishing sums of money. Colin Chapman’s Lotus Team was first to deliver the pleasures of the profits in tobacco to motor racing. So successful were Imperial Tobacco with their F1 sponsorship that within a few years F1 was almost exclusively funded by tobacco companies.
The Gold Leaf livery was designed with a cigarette packet in mind. In the case of the very successful JPS livery to come I think the F1 tail wagged the cigarette packet dog rather than vice versa. I think what worked best on a car was the consideration that drove the design of the cigarette packet. Admire Peter Hutton, Colin Chapman, Keith Duckworth, Graham Hill and a few others besides, wear our Peter Hutton Gold Leaf Team Lotus t shirt.

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