Rolleifex (Polaroid) by Yukio Miyamoto



The two lenses of a twin lens reflex camera deliver a crucially more simple exposure process than the single lens reflex; there is no mirror to move and no interruption of the view of the shot through the view finder. TLR users would not have it any other way. In terms of timing the system is flexible at both extremes of the photographic process. The view of the shot is not interrupted by the movement of a mirror, so shots requiring a long exposure can be taken with greater flexibility and adjustment, while for similar reasons shots requiring speed can be composed and exposed more quickly because a heavy mirror does not have to be accelerated and shutter lag is minimised.
The Rolleiflex is pretty much the last word in twin lens reflex cameras, it is beautifully and precisely engineered. This beauty and precision is matched by the work of Yukio Miyamoto. These images are created by Yukio in Adobe Creative Suite. To the front of this card you see one view of the finished artwork. As a background to this text you see a visual progress report sent to us by Yukio in the course of his work on these images. Man Ray gave us the quote: Creativity is divine, reproduction is human. Yukio’s work transcends creativity and reproduction. For these shirts we reproduce Yukio’s artwork at a minimum of 720 dpi.

The shirts:

These t shirts are unique for being made exclusively for us wholly with cool-max-image-e1485361440757.png fibres ring spun into yarns manufactured exclusively for WeAdmire. These yarns are then knitted into a single jersey fabric suitable for t shirts.

The CoolMax bit exploits the surface tension of water to wick moisture from your skin. It works through micro channels engineered into the profile of the fibre. These channels are physical attributes, they are there for the life of the fibre.

The Fresh FX bit embeds a silver salt in the molecular structure of the fibre that stops the propagation of bacteria which, left unchecked, ultimately cause a sour odour. Because the silver salt is embedded within the fibre it, like the wicking, is similarly permanent; it will not leech out with wear and washing.

These attributes deliver shirts that remain cool and dry almost regardless of what you might do in them and similarly they remain fresh. And the ongoing performance of the fabric is guaranteed. This is important, these shirts will become your favourite items of apparel, you will want to wear your shirts again and again.

These shirts are marvellous to travel with, they stay fresh if you don’t have the chance to wash them, they wash easily when you do have the chance, and they dry super quickly. There is also a very useful side effect to all this: our shirts keep anything you wear on top of them and what you might wear after wearing them fresher too.

The cut and fit and sizing of these shirts is exclusive to us and was specified by Anastasia Vouyouka, a published guru of fit in the fashion industry.

The feel of the very best natural fibre shirts you have experienced with the performance of the fibres that set the benchmarks for wicking and freshness. It is very unlikely you will have experienced this level of technical performance in a decorated t shirt before.

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