String Theory by Daniel Davidson



In life it helps to look the part even if you can’t quite measure up. It is possible to imagine more than one universe in looking at some graphic simulation of the one we are part of. Things become more difficult when we start to try and get our heads round the size of the one we are part of 0- it takes about 32 years to count to a billion. Our galaxy, The Milky Way, has a few hundred billion stars and there are more than a few hundred billion galaxies in our known universe. ¬†Orders of magnitude and matter beyond comprehension. If all this is straightforward for you because you are an imaginative physicist you can wear Daniel Davidson’s take on String Theory, Multiverses and the 11th Dimension safe in the knowledge there is growing evidence in the form of unexplained microwave radiation that there may indeed be more than one universe. If you are just imaginative enjoy Daniel Davidson’s art and mutter about deep space microwave anomalies then change the subject.