The Power of Coffee on Cycling t shirt by Daniel Davidson



Coffee, serendipity, necessity, the mothers of human breakthroughs? Daniel Davidson thinks so. Certainly breakthroughs are sufficiently random as to eliminate planning as a key part of the process, coffee will be much more important…Honest.Our Power of Coffee on Bicycle Design t shirt by Daniel Davidson tracks the key developments in the process of allowing Chris Boardman to travel more than 56km in an hour and the more humble athletes among us the ability to comfortably travel 100 miles in a day.After a coffee or three things started with Baron Karl von Drais getting some wheels between our legs. About 80 years of rhinosorea*se followed before John Dunlop delivered some relief by forcing some sky into the wheels. Steel frames had been getting better and lighter and competition, that spur of spurs, had been intensifying when Geo Lefevre and Henri Desgrange set off the grandest of Grand Depart in 1903. If you are the engine of a vehicle weight is a key issue. In 1948 Reynolds delivered 531c double butted tubes and if you were not riding a bicycle fabricated with them you were not winning the Tour de France for the next 40 years or so. Now the bikes could get riders to the mountains the issue was gears. Tullio Campagnolo obliged with the first parallelogram rear derailleur. From then – until Lance Armstrong did not win a Tour de France riding Shimano – if you did not have a Campag groupo on your bike you were a “domestique” rather than a winner at best.The best clipless pedals will take a minute off your time in a ten mile TT, probably the equivalent of an hour or more on three week stage races like the Tour de France, The Giro and The Vuelta. These pedals essentially make your shoes the pedal platform. The whole of your foot takes its share of the repeated stress of the 1 million plus pedal strokes it takes to cover the three million plus meters of the average Grand Tour. Pedals, so often taken for granted are important.To finish first , first you have to finish. In a tight finish you will want to be as fast as you can be in the time trial. Aero bars were first used in Le Tour by Greg LeMond, He used them to beat Laurent Fignon by the tightest margin in the history of Le Tour de France in 1989. He had entered the final stage TT of about 25km with a deficit to Fignon of 50 seconds. Fingon had been rattled by LeMond’s adoption of aero bars and a disc rear wheel in the first long TT of . Fignon changed his wheels but he should have paid more attention to his bars. Over the 24.5km course Greg LeMond beat fignon by 58 seconds and won Le Tour buy just eight seconds. Aero bars would have been worth more than a minute over the distance.Admire serendipity, coffee, Daniel Davidson, Greg LeMond, Look, Tullio Campagnolo, Le Tour de France and racing generally, air in your tyres and finally who would want to run or walk when you can ride? 

The shirts:

These t shirts are unique for being made exclusively for us wholly with cool-max-image-e1485361440757.png fibres ring spun into yarns manufactured exclusively for WeAdmire. These yarns are then knitted into a single jersey fabric suitable for t shirts.

The CoolMax bit exploits the surface tension of water to wick moisture from your skin. It works through micro channels engineered into the profile of the fibre. These channels are physical attributes, they are there for the life of the fibre.

The Fresh FX bit embeds a silver salt in the molecular structure of the fibre that stops the propagation of bacteria which, left unchecked, ultimately cause a sour odour. Because the silver salt is embedded within the fibre it, like the wicking, is similarly permanent; it will not leech out with wear and washing.

These attributes deliver shirts that remain cool and dry almost regardless of what you might do in them and similarly they remain fresh. And the ongoing performance of the fabric is guaranteed. This is important, these shirts will become your favourite items of apparel, you will want to wear your shirts again and again.

These shirts are marvellous to travel with, they stay fresh if you don’t have the chance to wash them, they wash easily when you do have the chance, and they dry super quickly. There is also a very useful side effect to all this: our shirts keep anything you wear on top of them and what you might wear after wearing them fresher too.

The cut and fit and sizing of these shirts is exclusive to us and was specified by Anastasia Vouyouka, a published guru of fit in the fashion industry.

The feel of the very best natural fibre shirts you have experienced with the performance of the fibres that set the benchmarks for wicking and freshness. It is very unlikely you will have experienced this level of technical performance in a decorated t shirt before.

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