Shure Microphone all Over (below) t shirt by Yukio Miyamoto

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First produced in 1939 this model has been in continuous production ever since, it is probably the most internationally recognised microphone. (In the UK that distinction goes to the BBC AXBT, manufactured for the BBC by Marconi because the BBC could not afford the RCA original.
The Shure 55 Unidyne became familiar because it was favoured by most of the leading performers and politicians, Elvis Presley, JFK, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald. US president Harry Truman, famously used one in a press conference while holding the Chicago Tribune Newspaper with Dewey defeats Truman emblazoned across its front page. A reports of my death have been exaggerated moment recalled on one of our t shirts.  And more recently by Alabama 3…
The 55 was said to deliver the best compromise between sensitivity and dynamic range for the user with the lowest levels of pickup and feedback from other sources.
The care and attention to detail in the design and manufacture of the Shure 55 is matched by Yukio Miyamoto in his 3D CAD simulation. We routinely produce these images at 1440dpi in the process of putting them on our shirts. The resolution of the original file is such that we can do this with a print up to about 3 meters in size before the image starts to pixilate visibly.
Admire Shure and celebrate your enthusiasm for sound, buy and wear our Shure 55 Unidyne Microphone t shirt by Yukio Miyamoto.

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