Bleeding Heart Dove t shirt by Anthony Radcliffe

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A very shy and secretive bird, the Bleeding Heart Dove can be found in the rain forests of the Philippine Island of Luzon. They are distinguished by the very perfect patch of red feathers on their breast which gives them their name and the look having been injured. They have been known to use this distinctive characteristic to defend their young by pretending that they are wounded and thereby luring predators away from their nests. Where upon, they run away. They spend most of their lives on the ground, and only fly to trees to roost. They are very used to running, and have have relatively long legs for the purpose.

I first learned of this beautiful bird on a visit to London Zoo, when walking through an aviary and almost stepping on one when it darted across my path to hide in a small bush and look quizzically at me. I thought it was the most endearing little critter, and was compelled to find out more about them from the staff there.
These exquisite birds are not doing well in the wild due to the destruction of their habitat. The Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove is near threatened while the Mindanao Bleeding Heart Dove is vulnerable. Three other species, namely the Negros, Sulu and Mindoro species may well require captive breeding to sustain the populations.

Wear this Bleeding Heart Dove t-shirt and help raise awareness for a wonderful bird.

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