Boethius t shirt by Farbod Gorjian

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The Artwork:

Boethius was a Roman philosopher from the 6th century. His work was immensely influential to philosophy in the middle ages and beyond. In his years he aimed to translate and preserve the wortks of Aristotle and Plato, but his most famous work is The Consolation of Philosophy.  He was caught up in a conspiracy and banished by King Theodoric the great.   While in exile he wrote the Consolation.  The book is a conversation between himself and ‘Philosophy’ in the form of a woman, she dries his tears and then discusses the truths of the world, consoling him before his execution.  The conversation on this shirt is basically thus: Men walk on their feet by nature, if a man was to walk on his hands he would be walking unnaturally and would be considered weaker than the man who walks by natural means.  Now, all men good and bad desire happiness (the supreme good). The good man aims to achieve his happiness by natural process, whereas the wicked man aims for it by means of his desires and selfishness, which is not the natural means of achieving hapiness. Therefore it can be concluded that the wicked are weaker than the good.

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Men, Women, Children

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Blue, Dapple Grey, Peach, Sage, White


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