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I will take an extract from an article by Joel Achenbach which eloquently describes Carl Sagan’s incredible capacity to explain and explore our vast universe:
We live in Carl Sagan’s universe, awesomely vast, deeply humbling. It’s a universe that, as Sagan reminded us again and again, isn’t about us. We’re a granular element. Our presence may even be ephemeral, a flash of luminescence in a great dark ocean. Or perhaps we are here to stay, somehow finding a way to transcend our worst instincts and ancient hatreds, and eventually become a galactic species. We could even find others out there, the inhabitants of distant, highly advanced civilisations, the Old Ones, as Sagan might put it.
No one has ever explained space, in all its bewildering glory, as well as Sagan did. He’s been gone now for nearly two decades, but people old enough to remember him will easily be able to summon his voice, his fondness for the word billions and his boyish enthusiasm for understanding the universe we’re so lucky to live in.

The news that Cosmos is having a revival thanks partly to Seth MacFarlane and Sagan’s widow Ann Druyan is exciting indeed. The original series should be made compulsory viewing for all students and hopefully with the help of Neil DeGrasse Tyson the updated ‘Cosmos’ will capture the imagination of a new generation of inquisitive minds.

McFarlane’s purchase of, and donation to the Library of Congress, Carl Sagan’s archive (all 798 boxes of it) is a truly excellent gift. 

We admire this great scientist and great science communicator who gave us all, as the porter said, the universe.

Wear our Carl Sagan t-shirt and show your love for a great man.

The designer of this Carl Sagan t-shirt, Heather Brennan has also designed our David Attenborough t-shirt design, celebrating another legendary science communicator.

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