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Emperor Vespasian by Toshi

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Emperor Vespasian by Toshi

Vespasian Titus Flavivs Caesar: 17 November 09 AD - 24 June 79 AD. Reigned 21 December 69 - 24 June 79. Unusually for Roman Emperors Vespasian died of natural causes with his humour intact. The belief at the time was that Roman Emperors became deities on their death. On his deathbed and aware he was near if not at his end he remarked "Vae puto deus fio" "Damn it, I think I am becoming a God". On the strength of his dying quip he was witty and stoic. He also understood - as Clinton later had it - it's about the economy. That he was witty, stoic, and understood what his population wanted is reflected in the length of his rule and that of his sons. His son Titus was the first heir of an Emperor to succeed his father as Emperor and similarly his younger brother Domitian to succeed an elder brother as Emperor. The three ruled from December 69 until September 96. All three were notably economically successful and popular.

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