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Full Metal Jacket

£ 29.00

I am a massive admirer of Stanley Kubrick and of his works, with Full Metal Jacket being the first one that I ever saw. Much before I was aware of the role a director played in the making of cinema never mind the creative and cultural contribution of Mr. Kubrick. I have equal admiration for the acting performances given by Vincent D'Onofrio and of his senior drill instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman played by R. Lee Ermey who re-christens the hapless and dim-witted Leonard Lawrence as Pvt. Gomer Pyle, in act one of the story. Via much punishment and brutality even a character as apparently hopeless as Pvt. Pyle is eventually graduated as a Marine to the Infantry division to fight in Vietnam. However the most memorable scene serves for this not to come to fruition as the psychosis of Pyle boils over to see him reciting the rifleman's creed at full voice in the middle of the night and undertaking drill manoeuvres before delivering a fatal gunshot to the chest of his tormentor Hartman and finally turning the rifle on himself. Shocking as this scene is, the message is clear from the only witness to these shootings; narrator Pvt Joker's (Matthew Modine) prior voice over that the marines does not want robots. The marines wants killers.

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