Gene Sharp Pencils More Powerful by Guy Pendlebury

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Gene Sharp From Dictatorship to Democracy t shirts or how to get rid of your supreme leader t shirts
One of a series of eight shirts celebrating Gene Sharp, the Machiavelli of non violence and the 198 techniques described in From Dictatorship to Democracy that can be used to rid your country of governors and governments who should go away and play with themselves. Could there be a sweeter example of the contrast between the power of the pencil compared to that of the bomb than in the growing irrelevance of Al Qeada in promoting the Arab cause compared to the success of the Arab Spring in the pursuit of a similar objective? One lot are all bombs fatwas, jihads, conspicuous failure and up your fundament while the other is all wit, subtlety, self expression, human development and conspicuous success.
Celebrate and admire an iconoclast and promote techniques that will give us all freedom and better self expression, wear our Gene Sharp T shirts. 10% of the purchase price of these shirts will be sent to The Albert Einstein Institute in Boston. The institute was founded by Gene Sharp in 1983 and is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic non violent action in conflicts throughout the world.

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