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Graham Hill (Triple Crown)

£ 29.00

This design admires the double formula one world champion and "triple crown" winner, Graham Hill. Graham Hill, father of Damon Hill was a talented fellow. Graham served in the Royal Navy as a skilled Mechanic, was a good rower (he famously used the colours of Southsea Rowing Club, which he was part of before motor racing) and also appeared in four different films. But Graham will best be remembered for his talent on the track. Starting out as a mechanic for Team Lotus, he managed to talk his way into the cockpit and debuted at the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix. Graham retired from that race with a half-shaft failure, but he would be back to win at the most famous street circuit 5 times. After starting with Lotus, Hill moved to BRM, and won his first championship with them in 1962. He then participated in the Indianapolis 500 with Lola-Ford, winning the event before returning to F1 with Lotus to win his second F1 world championship (whilst helping to develop the beautiful Lotus 49 and the legendary Cosworth DFV). His last F1 win, although in an unofficial race, was with the Brabham Team in 1971. A year later, Hill won the Le Mans 24 Hour race with Matra which completed his success in achieving the triple crown (Winning the Monaco GP, Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24hr - a feat that has never been repeated) This was late in his career though and he was finding it difficult to keep his seat in the competitive F1 field. That certainly didn't stop him, Hill then set up his own F1 team - Embassy Hill with backing from Imperial Tobacco. The team managed over 40 starts in F1 but everything was cut short by the death of Graham and some of the team's top personnel in a light plane crash in 1975. A fantastic driver and a true gentleman, it was such a shame his life was cut short tragically, but he will always be remembered for his achievements and contribution to motorsport. Wear this shirt to admire the only holder of the Triple Crown of motorsport!

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