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Handel & Hendrix t shirt by Daniel Davidson

£ 39.00

George Frideric Handel was extraordinarily prolific and popular. He was a creative polymath: extravagantly gifted composer but similarly gifted theatrical director, producer and impresario and astute businessman. Born in Germany he took British citizenship aged 42 in 1727. An opera might have its creative equivalence in a modern day recorded album. Handel delivered 40 operas and quite a bit else besides in 30 years. Since the advent of recorded music you could not name a musician or band with a similar out put because there hasn't been one. Hendrix, another great popular musical innovator - cut down before we really discovered him and he really discovered himself - coincidentally was Handel's immediate neighbour in Mayfair, albeit a few hundred years apart. There is little doubt Handel and Hendrix would have understood each other. What would Handel have made of recorded music? I suspect he would have been right at home, we would surely have had a Handel record label, I suspect he would have been a creative mogul - music, theatre, film; he would have enhanced them all.

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