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If by Rudyard Kipling

£ 39.00

Colour of Words translation of the poem If by Rudyard Kipling. American POWs held captive during the Vietnam War helped keep their sanity and resolve by tapping out this poem in code between themselves. No distinction was made between C and K leaving 25 letters in the alphabet. These were arranged into five rows of five letters in alphabetical order. The first tap indicated the row and then quick taps for the letter in the row. Simple to remember and daily use drove speed and efficiency. Captivity was characterised by solitary and otherwise cruel confinement in filthy conditions between periods of torture. These communications saved lives. Using a phonetic alphabet developed by designer Sarah Roseman, we have expressed this marvellous poem as colour. Sarah's phonetic alphabet assigns a colour to the sounds in speech enabling any piece of text to be visualised as coded blocks of colour. Colour of Words is an exploration of synaesthesia, which in Sarah's case is the blending of sound and colour.

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