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Jake LaMotta

£ 29.00

Jake LaMotta, also known as The Bronx Bull due to his aggressive bully-style fighting technique. LaMotta was also known for his ability to roll with the punches thrown at him and could take big hits, and was actually willing to take them if it meant setting himself up for an even bigger one in return! LaMotta was unfortunately linked to Mafia underworld dealings and admitted to throwing at least one fight (with Billy Fox) so the mob would arrange a title bout against Marcel Cerdan for him in return, but I think LaMotta should be remembered and admired for his courage and ability in the ring and the fact that he was the first man to beat Sugar Ray Robinson rather than his dealings with the mob. It is a shame he was involved in throwing that fight, but what was he to do.. when the Mafia ask for something it is hard to refuse! Admire one of the greatest middleweights of all time with this t-shirt!

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