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Larry Levan

£ 29.00

Larry Levan is one of the true legends of DJ culture. He and his legendary club "The Paradise Garage" were fundamental in the birth of Disco right up to dance music today. Record producers would give him test pressings of records to see if they would work..and if they worked at the "Garage they go on to be a huge commercial success. Larry's brilliance lay not only with his technical skills and audio expertise (he custom-designed the clubs monster sound system and slept there most nights!) but also in his eclectic taste. He basically tore up the rule book of what "dance music" should be, mixing gospel,reggae, philly soul to rock, post punk and just about everything else. Larry Levan was the ultimate DJ, he didn't just excel at his job, he reinvented the concept of the DJ, blurring the boundaries of of music, race, sex, sexuality and changing the peoples perception of music, sound and the world around them.

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