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Lunar Hasselblad all over (front and back) t shirt by Yukio Miyamoto

£ 49.00

Hasselblad 500EL by Yukio Miyamoto

One of the three 'Blad 500ELs the Apollo astronauts trained with. This one was used as a prop in the Apollo13 movie. The twelve used on The Moon were left there to save weight on the return journey. A fourth that made more than one trip bolted to the inside to the Command Module went missing but was found shortly after NASA declared a moratorium on Space booty. It was auctioned for circa $1.4 million 2014. Cheap by the standards of these things. The images Yukio used to build this 3D model were supplied to us by Hasselblad partly as a thank you for some work we did for them on t shirts for a trade show. The images were simple very high resolution shots of the six external surfaces of the camera. Yukio used these to build the virtual model. Exquisite stuff.

Our t-shirts are unique for being wholly made with CoolMax freshFX. CoolMax is a patented fibre designed to wick perspiration and accelerate moisture evaporation, keeping wearers cooler and drier. This wicking feature of the fabric is made possible by micro channels engineered into the profile of and surface of the fibre. These channels are cleverly dimensioned to exploit the surface tension and capillary action of water. Being physical properties of the fibre, these channels endure and do not significantly diminish with wear or washing.

Antimicrobial (freshFX) treatment stops the propagation of odour producing bacteria. This is achieved by embedding silver salt crystals into the structure of the fibre. FreshFX treatment like the wicking is permanent and does not leach out with everyday use. These characteristics ensure the shirts remain cool, dry and odour free regardless of what you might do in them. Performance of the fabric is guaranteed through a certified and monitored manufacturing process.