Minox (from the top) by Yukio Miyamoto

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Yukio Miyamoto’s superb illustrations of a Minox Camera. We reproduce Yukio’s artwork, a render from a 3D CAD simulation of the camera, at 1440 dpi in full CMYK colour.

The Minox Camera is entirely admirable, sweetly imaginative and completely practical.  Something that, like a mobile phone, can always be carried. The camera weighed about 130gms and measured 80 x 27 mm x 16mm.  Its lenses and operation- a focus that ranged from 20cm to infinity without the need for the aperture to be stopped down with a diaphragm- can be found in the camera of your mobile phone. It found a particular commercial niche among the intelligence community. The film was just over 9mm deep and a cassette could take 50 frames. The film was advanced by friction, there were no transport holes in the film. The early cameras had a cast brass chassis clad in stainless steel, the brass chassis became plastic as production developed.

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