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Nagra SN (Série Noire) T Shirt by Yukio Miyamoto

£ 49.00

The design and production by Nagra was commissioned by the CIA. Nagra had the reputation in the US for portable reel to reels through their work with Hollywood. The Nagra III had won Oscars for Mr Kudelski, the founder of Nagra. Near perfect audio fidelity synchronised to 24fps movie cameras such that the lips of someone being surreptitiously recorded and observed could be held to forensic account. I you were recorded with one in the '60s you were likely in deep trouble as a result. Wow and flutter, caused by the laws of angular momentum, were controlled by a quartz locked single motor. The tapes were around 3mm in width. The whole hardly bigger than a large smart phone. Nothing missing and nothing superfluous. Here digitally rendered and perfectly detailed in 3D by Yukio Miyamoto. The quality of Yukio's work such that we can enlarge it by a factor of ariound ten times to cover the whole surface of one of our shirts. Now, at a price, all this functionality can be delivered by something that looks like a conventional credit card. No use on a t shirt!

Our t-shirts are unique for being wholly made with CoolMax freshFX. CoolMax is a patented fibre designed to wick perspiration and accelerate moisture evaporation, keeping wearers cooler and drier. This wicking feature of the fabric is made possible by micro channels engineered into the profile of and surface of the fibre. These channels are cleverly dimensioned to exploit the surface tension and capillary action of water. Being physical properties of the fibre, these channels endure and do not significantly diminish with wear or washing.

Antimicrobial (freshFX) treatment stops the propagation of odour producing bacteria. This is achieved by embedding silver salt crystals into the structure of the fibre. FreshFX treatment like the wicking is permanent and does not leach out with everyday use. These characteristics ensure the shirts remain cool, dry and odour free regardless of what you might do in them. Performance of the fabric is guaranteed through a certified and monitored manufacturing process.