Neumann microphone all over (front and back) by Yukio Miyamoto

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WeAdmire Yukio Miyamoto’s illustrations of the Neumann U87 microphone. The best microphones output precisely the sounds they are designed to detect. The Neumann U87 might be considered a benchmark for faithful reproduction. Certainly the market thinks so, new they are reassuringly expensive and so desirable that used things do not change much, they remain reassuringly expensive. Beautifully and precisely engineered they are durable and continue to perform long after you will have forgotten how much you paid to own one. Yukio Miyamoto’s illustrations, reproduced on our shirts at a minimum of 720dpi in full CMYK colour, match the timeless engineering of Neumann for precision and accuracy. The illustration on these shirts are views of a painstakingly constructed 3D electronic model. Admire Neumann, admire Yukio Miyamoto, admire uncompromising quality, wear our Neumann U87 t shirt by Yukio Miyamoto.

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Men, Women, Children

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Kids 11-12, Kids 3-4, Kids 5-6, Kids 7-8, Kids 9-10, XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL

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Blue, Dapple Grey, Peach, Sage, White


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