Nikon F Silver (rotating) by Yukio Miyamoto

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WeAdmire The Nikon S digitally rendered in 3D by Yukio Miyamoto.
Although not obvious at the time the Nikon S, launched in 1948, marked the beginning of the end of the domination of the German camera manufacturing industry in the 35mm format. Nikon modeled their S on the Contax and the Leica rangefinders of the day incorporating in their view the best parts of both cameras. Just over ten years later Nikon gave the world the Nikon F. This was similarly a refinement of a Contax, their SLR. By the 60’s Japanese manufaturers and particularly Nikon held the initiative in the 35mm market.
Manipulating Yukio Miyamto”s work in getting it ready for reproducing on t shirts is consistently astonishing. The images are dyed into the fabric our shirts at 720dpi (dyed into not printed onto the fabric of the shirts). The CoolMax Fresh fx yarns take the dyes extraordinarilly well. The native resolution of the files Yukio sends us could deliver images at more than 2880 dpi, four times the resolution we use, but no fabric would measure up to such resolutions, the finest fabrics being closer to the equivalent of 500dpi – unlike high gloss printing papers the fabric of our t shirts is knitted!

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Blue, Dapple Grey, Peach, Sage, White


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