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Initially, the quote "the only hope is that there is no hope" might seem to be a rather negative view of life. Seneca encourages us to manage our expectations, in order to limit our disappointment and this might be saying the same thing. Liberated from the expectations that accompanies hope, we now come to see life as much more immediate. This image is said to represent many things such the the rising and setting of the sun, the coming and going of the tides and the politician's struggle to power, only for it to be lost just before the top. For those of you unversed in this particular Greek myth, Sisyphus, a mortal famed for his lying and greed had betrayed one of Zeus' secrets. Zeus, thoroughly unimpressed at this man's hubris, forced him to eternally roll a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down just before he reached the top. How does Sisyphus reconcile the futility of his curse, with our natural bent towards hope. Buggered if I know. I have trouble trying to reconcile hope and my dependence on the District Line.

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